Genshin Impact has some insanely deep lore, and is really interesting. Every character has some pretty cool lore, so ill breifly explain some of the more notable characters. (WIP)

Venti (barbatos/Anemo Archon)

Venti is the Anemo archon, and "rules" over Mondstadt. He takes shape of one of his friends that dies during the Great Archon War. Originally, Boreas (the wolf dude world boss) was going to be an Archon, but gave up his title to Barbatos because he didn't want to deal with humans. Venti is a more unknown archon, because he doesn't want fame or glory, he just wants to give his people freedom. His gnosis represents a Queen chess piece, and i think that represents the freedom he wants to give his people.

Zhongli (Rex Lapis/Morax/Geo Archon)

Zhongli is the Geo archon, and is the God of Contracts. His land resides in Liyue, a very large, and hilly biome. At some point, he befriended a massive dragon (Azhdaha) and gave it sight, who became a lifelong friend, but the dragon eventually detoriated from "erosion" and he was forced to seal his old friend away underneath Nantianmen. Just like Venti, he is a more unknown god, who doesn't want to draw attention to himself. Zhongli and Venti also happen to be the only 2 original Archons, as the other 5 have been replaced. His gnosis is based off of a rook piece, to represent his sturdiness, and strong will.

Ei (Raiden Shogun/Baal/Electro Archon)