Other games i play!

I am heavily invested in Apex Legends. Its my favorite FPS game!

I use Lifeline and Wraith a lot, and i'm around level 210. I started playing in season 2, but took a long break during season 4, 6, 7, and 8. My favorite season was season 5. It was a lot of fun playing with Havocs and Mastiffs in the meta! At the moment, my faorite weapon is the Volt SMG, but i like a lot of different weapons.

I absolutely love CoD: Zombies. Its the best zombies game i have ever played.

My favorites are Black Ops 3, and Black ops 1. Playing Der Eisendrache with my friends was one of the best times of my life. I would always go for the Wolf Bow, while my friends went for Void, and Lighting Bows. Another extremely nostolgic map is Bo1 Kino. When i was like 8 years old, me and my dad would always play split screen. I really miss those times.

I can't say I love this game now, but old Fortnite was awesome (season 1-9)

I started playing season 5, and my and friends would have a blast on this game! We stopped playing around Chapter 2 Season 2, because the game got so sweaty, and the community was terrible. Now this game is full of a bunch of try-hard 9 year olds. Sad honestly.